New Restaurant Mistakes: Restaurant Marketing Starts Too Late

When do you start marketing for your new restaurant? Restaurant marketing starts too late is one of the common mistakes made by new restaurant owners. They normally wait until they open their physical restaurants before they start to think how to market their new restaurants. After all, who would ever think of restaurant marketing when

Restaurant Promotion Ideas: Effective Tactics to Build More Customers for Restaurant

How do you get more customers for your restaurant?This is the most frequently asked questions for restaurant owners yet there is no straight answer. The main reason is different restaurants require different marketing tactics to work as there are many contributing factors to consider such as the restaurant’s target customers, food, location and services. In

How to Use Email Marketing Tool to Build Your Restaurant Customer Database

As a restaurant owner, you will know how competitive it is in F&B industry. Every month, you hear news about many new restaurants opening and at the same time, many existing restaurants are closing down. Many restaurants are actually competing for the same group of customers so in order to maintain long-term sustainability for your

5 Beautiful Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes, Part 1

The increasing use of smartphones to check a restaurant website before visiting has become a common trend for today’s restaurant patrons. If your restaurant website is still not mobile friendly to your customers, you might be losing some of them without your knowledge. Making your restaurant website mobile friendly and auto-responsive to different reading devices