Why Restaurant should have a Website?

  If you are thinking why you should get a website for your restaurant when there are so many social media platform you can use freely? And there are already many restaurants showcased their restaurant services and offering on Facebook and Instagram without any problem. So why get a website for your restaurant? Free Comesmore »

New Restaurant Mistakes: Restaurant Marketing Starts Too Late

One of the most common mistakes that new restaurant owners made frequently is to wait until they open their physical restaurants before they start to think how to market their new restaurants. After all, who would ever think of restaurant marketing when one has thousands of things to complete before the restaurant officially launch. Newmore »

Restaurant Promotion Ideas: Effective Tactics to Build More Customers for Restaurant

How do you get more customers for your restaurant? This is the most frequently asked questions for restaurant owners. There is no straight answer as different restaurants require different marketing strategies to work due to their target customers, food, location and services. Nevertheless, if you are curious what are the successful restaurant promotion ideas outmore »

Beautiful Cake Website Templates

Looking for beautiful cake website template for your new cake shop? Here are some of them based on WordPress platform, if you already have WordPress installed at your site, you can use them as your WordPress themes. They come with time-saving features such as an admin dashboard where you can edit and maintain your websitemore »

Transparent PVC Menu Folders aka Menu Covers

You have started a new restaurant or café but are you at a loss over what type of menu to get for your customers? There are many type of menus available and you might feel overwhelmed with the number of options as which one is right for you but you can decide based on your needs,more »

Facebook Store: How to Sell More CNY Cookies Online in 2016

Chinese New Year is just 2 months away but many F&B retailers and shops in Singapore already started planning for their sales. What about you? Have you started accepting Chinese New Year (CNY) orders already? If you are a small bakery or only bake Chinese New Year goodies and cookies during the festive period, youmore »

How to Use Email Marketing Tool to Build Your Restaurant Customer Database

As a restaurant owner, you will know how competitive is in your industry. Every month, there are new restaurants open and there are restaurants closed at the same time. Many restaurants are actually competing for the same group of customers so in order to maintain long-term sustainability for your restaurant, it is important to askmore »

Selling Coffee Bean Online? Look at these Inspiring Coffee eCommerce Websites First

Do you intend to sell coffee bean or coffee machine online? Or you are looking for ways to set up an e-commerce store for your coffee business but do not know what is the best software to use? Opening an online coffee store could be less laborious if you know the right software and themore »

Creative Cakes Responsive WordPress Themes

In our last post – 10 Beautiful Cake Website Templates, we have showed you the 10 most eyes appealing and professional flash website templates, in this post, we are going to show you another set of beautiful cake templates for another platform – WordPress. The WordPress is a free open-source software and has become amore »

5 Beautiful Responsive Restaurant WordPress Themes, Part 1

The increasing use of smartphones to check a restaurant website before visiting has become a common trend for today’s restaurant patrons. If your restaurant website is still not mobile friendly to your customers, you might be losing some of them without your knowledge. Making your restaurant website mobile friendly and auto-responsive to different reading devicesmore »