In our last post – 10 Beautiful Cake Website Templates, we have showed you the 10 most eyes appealing and professional flash website templates, in this post, we are going to show you another set of beautiful cake templates for another platform – WordPress. The WordPress is a free open-source software and has become a popular platform these few years.

Most of the websites or blogs today are built on WordPress as it is flexible, quick to install and easy to update content for not so tech-savvy users. Most importantly, WordPress uses themes (some people called it template but technically it should call themes) to control the look and feel of the website and you can change the theme easily with a click. In other words, your website can have different designs layout in a matter of second without the hassle of designing from scratch.

Below is a list of cake shop template for wordpress platform. You can click on “Demo” to view the individual themes on how it works. Alternatively, click on “Buy Now” to purchase the theme and set up the website immediately.

Bake-a-cake WordPress Theme

A beautiful pinkish cake shop template is designed for cake shop owner who are selling a wide range of pretty and delectable cakes, cupcakes and pastries. It provides all the necessary pages so you can provide all the details so your potential customers can browse through your website for what you have offer. It has a “Gallery” page where you can showcase all your products at one place, check out the demo to see more.

See Demo | Buy here

Sweet Cake WordPress Theme


Sweet Cake theme is a responsive WordPress theme, meaning the layout of the website will adapt to different screen sizes when it is viewed on different devices. The theme adopts a single-page navigation so it saves the troubles from navigating from page to page. This will be ideal when view in smaller devices like smartphone as it saves time from downloading the page.

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Justshop Cake WordPress Theme


Just like the first theme, this Justshop cake WordPress theme is also responsive but it has additional ecommerce capability. If you are the cake shop owner and you would like your customers to order cake online, this WordPress theme is just right for you. An ecommerce website will normally take some time to develop so when using this WordPress theme, it will help you to save massive times and costs. In addition, this theme is very affordable so you can use it to test out your online market before deciding on a full-blown ecommerce website. You will be even delighted to know there are 6 colors to choose from this theme so you can pick the best color to suit your cake shop.

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WindCake WordPress Theme


Like the first WordPress theme, this is another one-page theme where visitors can scroll vertically to see everything in one page. It has a blog section where you can constantly create new post to update about your bakery or cake shop. You can post announcement, news and even video about your latest cake creation and addition. A blog is normally liked by search engines so if you post fresh content regularly, your cake shop website will rank higher in the search engine result. In other words, the chance of finding your cake shop in the search engines will be higher than your competitors.

See Demo here | Buy Now


The WordPress theme can be easily apply to your website if you are in the WordPress platform. If you are not happy with the theme, you can change it anytime but the above themes mentioned allow you to make some customization so you are not too limited by the pre-made WordPress theme.

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