Are You using Restaurant Email Marketing
to Build Steady Stream of Customers?

If you are not doing so then you are leaving money on the table. 

There are many benefits of using restaurant email marketing and the main goal is to build your own mailing list (or customer database). This will reduce the needs to rely on expensive advertisement such as Facebook ads or Google ads to reach out to your customers.  

Some of you may think that using Facebook or Instagram is good enough for restaurant marketing but since they are free, they are not reliable. They will be gone one day so are your customers.

Therefore, it is wise to invest early in email marketing as it is still the most reliable, effective and engaging channel to communicate with your customers. 

Big Brands are using Email Marketing to drive More Sales

Look who are using email marketing to connect with their customers to drive more sales for their business. The below brands use email marketing to promote their new menu and offers. Some of them used special coupons on specific days to promote offers during slow period. This is an easy and effective way to drive more and immediate sales without resorting to lengthy and costy advertisement.

How Restaurant Email Marketing Works?

Subscribe to
a Email Marketing System

install an
optin form to 
your website

collect email & segment your mailing list for better targeting

set up email marketing campaign 

You need to subscribe to a email marketing system where the customers' information will be captured and stored. You can install a subscription form provided by the email marketing system at your website so that you can capture any potential customers' contact when they visit your website.  To entice them to sign up, you must offer some free goodies that they cannot resist.

All these customers' information can be segmented to different customer groups for better targeting. For example, family, office workers and friends which will achieve better ROI than sending a one-size-fit-all email promotion.

Once the setting is properly done in the email marketing system, it will run automatically behind the scene so you do not need to worry about all the nitty gritty details of adding contact to your mailing list or deciding what time to send to your customers. In fact, the email marketing system allows you to plan ahead as it has a yearly calendar which you can set monthly promotion running in auto pilot.

Key Features of Restaurant Email Marketing 

We have partnered with Constant Contact to bring you all the essential features for restaurant email marketing as follow:

  1. 1
    Free Email Marketing Templates
    There are free restaurant email marketing templates available in the email marketing system so it saves you time and money than designing an email marketing from scratch.
  2. 2
    Personalized Email Messages
    Add a personal touch by addressing customers in their first name plus other personal details e.g. birthday or anniversary date. Send a birthday emails to customers during their birthdays or anniversary to wow them back to your restaurant.
  3. 3
    Sign Up Form
    Encourage new visitors at your website to leave their names and email addresses for future contact.
  1. 4
    Event Marketing
    If you organising wine tasting or other events, you can utilise its event marketing to facilitate registration, payment and ticket management.
  2. 5
    Online Tracking & Reporting
    It allows you to track your email marketing performance online so you can see how successful or responsive is your email marketing campaign through the online report.
  3. 6
    Forward to Friends
    If you are promoting new menu, this is a good feature for your customers to forward it to their friends and family.
  4. 7
    You can find out what customers like about your restaurant food and services or even ask for suggestion for new menu.

How much will it cost to Subscribe to Email Marketing System?

The fee is based on the size of your mailing list and it is charged monthly. If you are just starting out, you can choose the Basic plan at USD20 per month or USD45 for advanced plan with more features. You will get a 10% discount for pre-payment of 6 months while a 15% discount for pre-payment of 12 months. Click on the email marketing pricing for more details.

Want to Try it out before Subscribing?


You can try out email marketing from Constant Contact free for 60 days. There are free promotion and coupon templates inside the dashboard that can get you started quickly. Try to create and send a promotion to your customers and see the result yourself but trial account is limited to 100 customers only.

You will be amazed at how email marketing can be a powerful tool to help you to attract customers easily to your restaurant.

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A special bonus for first 20 customers if you decide to sign up and pre-pay for a year. We will help you to set up the following:

  • Account Setup
  • Integration of Opt-in Form to your website
  • Welcome Autoresponder

Email us your sign up details from Constant Contact and we will help you to set up your account.