During this tough economic period, many cash-strapped consumers now choose to eat at home than in restaurant. Many restaurants are thus struggling from slow businesses or suffer a loss. If you are one of the restaurant operators, it could be blessing in disguise as it offers you a good chance to re-look at your marketing and think of creative ways to market and promote your business actively in short and long-term period.

To some of you, the quickest solution is to outsource your marketing services. However, if engaging a professional marketing agency is not a viable choice as it involves quite a substantial sum of money, the alternative way is to DIY yourself but again, you may not have the necessary marketing experiences.

If you are caught in such a dilemma, don’t lose heart, you can try your hands on the tried-and-tested restaurant marketing tools which are created by experienced F&B professionals. They are relatively cost effective, comphrensive and easily accessible for the web; one of them is the Restaurant Marketing and Promotion tool which contains three quality videos that teach you step-by-step on how to promote your restaurant. In addition, it also contains the following templates which are essential during your promotion.

• Marketing plan template
• Marketing activity plan template
• Marketing promotional templates
• Marketing breakeven calculator
• Press Release template
• Discount voucher templates
• eNewsletter template
• Sample advertising flyers
• Bill fold advertisement flyers
• Data card templates
• Fast fact template
• Joint venture promotions
• Competitor analysis chart
• Database marketing
• Event information pack
• Functions and events pack
• Promotional tracking sheet

The above Restaurant Marketing and Promotion templates can help you save time by reducing unnecessary trial and errors and put your marketing activities into action immediately. As time goes by, you will find it can become an indispensable tool for your marketing promotion.

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