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Why Restaurants should Use Email Marketing?

Are you looking for ways to market your restaurant? If you have tried avenues like online advertising or even offline flyer distribution, they can either be too expensive or too time-consuming. However, there is good news, if you have already a database of customers; the most economical and fastest way to connect to your customers is using restaurant email marketing.

Through restaurant email marketing, you can reach out to many customers immediately and easily. At the same time, reduce your cost, time and carbon footprint. Unlike traditional channels, email marketing allows you to track every steps of your email delivery for example, the delivery rate, open rate, click rate and even bounce rate. All these metrics are important as they provide valuable information to fine-tune your email marketing promotions and offers in future.

If you are new to email marketing, below is a list of how you can use email marketing to promote your restaurant business.

New Menu / Promotion

To encourage more repeat visits from your customers, you can send out weekly promotion. For example, during week days when most of your customers are busy with deadlines and meeting, you can email them your special take-away lunch or Bento delivery menu. It helps them to save the time and get through the day and

Similarly, towards the end of weeks, especially on Friday when most of your customers are in a more relaxed and happy mood. You can invite them to your restaurant for TGI Fridays lunch or Happy Hour dinner.

Birthday Offer

Everyone likes to be pampered during his/her birthday so email a personalised and customised birthday offer to the birthday girls/boys to make them feel special on their special days. Surprise them with special offers and let them spread by word of mouth about your restaurant special birthday offer. If you are thinking keeping track of each customer’s birthday may be a tedious job but thanks to today’s email marketing technology, you can now automate this process without further human intervention.

Build Loyalty

To continue building loyalty, you can email out coupons, special discount and exclusive offer to your loyal customers. These are effective during slow periods; you can encourage the customers to redeem during the slow period. Alternatively, give them complimentary meal when they dine-in with their friends like “Dine for 4 and pay for 3″.

Connect with your Customers

Send a monthly eNewsletter to educate your customers about your cuisine, updated news or even create a special story about your chefs. The customers are naturally curious to know more about the person who prepared and served the foods to them.


Restaurant email marketing is not expensive to start and there is free trial option for you to try before you sign up. If you are interested, sign up here to try out the  30-day trial version.

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