Stop Running Your Restaurant Like a Headless Chicken!

Running a restaurant can be the most stressful jobs, there are always one thousand and one things that need your attention and solutions. If your restaurant has a system in place, it will be easier to get things organize as you already have the processes and policies developed.

However, if you are starting a restaurant from scratch or have nothing in place then you may want to consider getting a set of Restaurant Management Toolkit. The toolkit acts as a handy guide to get your restaurant started and stay on track. It has many ready-made templates that allow you to keep track of the costs, resources and help to reduce wastes and errors. The Restaurant Management Toolkit is created by experienced restaurant owner - Andreas Breitfuss, as a restaurant owner himself, he understand all aspects of running a restaurant and problems that are faced everyday by restaurant owners. His goal of creating the restaurant management toolkit is to help restaurant owners to overcome problems quickly and effectively without investing great amount of consulting fee.

The Toolkit contains many ready-made time-saving tools and templates which cover different aspects on restaurant operation as mentioned in the video. The tools and templates are categorized according to the following.

  • Restaurant Setup
    • Restaurant Business Plan
    • Restaurant Budgeting
  • Food Menu Design
    • Menu Engineering
    • Menu Design
    • Beverage Design
  • Financial Tools
    • Budget Spreadsheets
    • Payroll Budgeting
    • Cash Flow Spreadsheets
    • Key Performance Tools
  • Staffing Tools
    • Staff Training Manuals
    • Staff Handbook
  • Restaurant Marketing
    • Restaurant Promotion
    • Social Marketing for Restaurant
  • Cost Control
    • Beverage costing sheet
    • Food Cost Calculator
    • Stocktake financial analysis spreadsheet
    • Wastage sheets
  • There are many more templates found in the toolkits under every category. Each of them is determined to help you reduce tedious and mundane tasks; it helps you to be more organized and allow you to focus on critical tasks. Each category is sold separately so you can select only the tools and templates that you required.

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