Email Marketing

How To Encourage Repeat Customers Visits And Attract New Customers?

As a restaurant owner, how you wish you could kill two or more birds with one stone for your marketing! Now you are able to do so by using our restaurant email marketing services. Email marketing is an excellent way of building good relationship with your existing customers and attracting new customers.

How it works?

To encourage repeat visit from your existing customers, you would need to collect their information such as email address and name either by online or offline form. This information is then imported to email marketing system which will be used to contact and connect with your customers frequently so that the customers could feel they are valued by your restaurant.

Generally, customers are more likely to make a repeat visits when they feel special and being remembered. In return, they are also more likely to bring new friends and family to your restaurants which help to promote your restaurant even further through word of mouth.

Key Features of Restaurant Email Marketing

  • Free Email Marketing Templates
    There are free restaurant email marketing templates available in our email marketing system so it saves you time and money to design an email marketing template.
  • Personalized Email Messages
    Add a personal touch by adding personal and specific details to your customers’ email messages. For example, send a birthday emails to them during their birthdays and invite them over to your restaurant for a celebration.
  • Online Tracking & Reporting
    It allows you to track your email marketing performance online so you can see how successful or responsive is your email marketing campaign through the online report.
  • Forward to Friends
    If you are promoting new menu, this is a good feature for your customers to forward it to their friends and family.
  • Lead Capture Form
    Encourage new visitors at your website to leave their names and email addresses for future contact.

How Much Will It Cost?

The fee is based on the size of your mailing list and it is charged monthly. For example, if you have a mailing list size of 500, you will be charge USD 15 per month. You will get a 10% discount for pre-payment of 6 months while a 15% discount for pre-payment of 12 months. For detailed pricing, please click here.

Ready to Try it Out Now?

There is a free demo for you to try out the email marketing system for 60 days. Please click on the banner below and you will be brought to our business partner – Constant Contact website. Once you have signed up a trial account with them, you can start sending your email promotion to your customers and see how it helps in your restaurant business.


If you face any problem or need any help on your restaurant email marketing, you are welcome to contact us too.