Email Marketing

New Restaurant Mistakes: Restaurant Marketing Starts Too Late

One of the most common mistakes that new restaurant owners made frequently is to wait until they open their physical restaurants before they start to think how to market their new restaurants. After all, who would ever think of restaurant marketing when one has thousands of things to complete before the restaurant officially launch. Newmore »

How to Use Email Marketing Tool to Build Your Restaurant Customer Database

As a restaurant owner, you will know how competitive is in your industry. Every month, there are new restaurants open and there are restaurants closed at the same time. Many restaurants are actually competing for the same group of customers so in order to maintain long-term sustainability for your restaurant, it is important to askmore »

Why Restaurants should Use Email Marketing?

Are You Looking for Ways to Market your Restaurant? If you have tried avenues like online advertising or even offline flyer distribution, they can either be too expensive or too time-consuming. Such techniques may not be effective due to advertising fatigue and also, no customer’s data are captured during these process which result in wastage of marketing costmore »

How To Attract Customers To Restaurant: eNewsletter

If you are running a restaurant, you know your nature of business depend very much on repeat customers. However, there is no firm guarantee that your repeat customers will always remain loyal to you. There is always a need to retain repeat customers and at the same time, attract more new customers to your restaurant.more »